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Meet our team .....


Anastas Anastasov, aka Nasko-Prasko, befriends the children at a first glance. He knows when they want to be tickled, how to make them laugh and how to attract their attention. His favourite game is searching for a Pirate treasure in the Jungle. With his incessant jokes and games he creates an atmosphere of fun and adventure and kids always love to meet him again. If you choose Nasko for your party animator, you will receive devoted care and individual approach towards your children!


Todor Valev (Toshko-Piroshko) started working as an animator at the Play Park some time ago. He finds this job super multifarious, fun, dynamic and intriguing. When leading a birthday party, he himself becomes a child, so he naturally fits into the kids` group. He loves to provoke children to giggle and play and his specialty are games like: “The Zombie”, “Treasure Hunt” and “Dance on the Stage”. His favourite party, perhaps, is called “STAR WARS” and he genuinely enjoys the roles of popular characters like DARTH MAUL or Darth Vader. Another party, which Toshko also adores, is called “Disco Rock”. It is incredibly funny when children gather on the stage listening to cool music and dancing all around.
Toshko brings positive emotions to all children – he treats them as equals and he himself becomes one of them!

Iva Karamancheva has been with us for two years. She graduated as Drama Theater Actor and later had additional diploma for Pantomime. She says working with children brings her lots of fun and positive energy. She is known by the majority of our young and adult guests for her role as Elsa from “Frozen.” But her favourite topics are Witches and Vampires. She is especially keen on Jungle parties where every participant can act as somebody else, kids can choose their roles and the experience includes much more than just having fun – it involves development of creativity. Her main goal while leading parties is to outline how special the birthday boy or girl is and to make the celebration really splendid! Iva has no strict rules in her approach towards children, she is led by her intuition about what they want and what they need to do. If you choose her for your party, you will receive an original and personalized attitude, both to the birthday child and to all your guests!